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About Spaak

Spaak Education is a recruitment agency that provides supply teachers to clients across the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire area of the UK.

Our agency was created in September 2006.The single and most bold claim by us is to bring a very fresh approach to the supply teacher arena of recruitment.

We were created by teachers who have got a vast experience in the teaching field, they intend to transfer these into providing an effective service; bringing a fresh approach into the supply teacher recruitment domain.

To achieve our objective we provie a personal service to enable us provide a qualitative approach to our clients’ recruitment. The level of our professionalism is of a very high standard.

We therefore would like to ask those teachers and institutions our there who are in need to get in touch. To cap it all have a read of what we pledge by below.

Our pledge to you

  • To provide an effective and very professional service at all times.
  • Our aim is to provide the PERFECT match for a teacher, school and staff.
  • An agency small and tuned to provide and maintain a personal service to our teachers, schools and staff.
  • We are an intergral and tightly formed team who value the service we offer. A privately-owned company and the BEST service is our ethos.

We value every single one of our staff, the schools we serve and the teachers on our books. Our doors are open to welcome some more.